Earache & Middle-Ear Infection

In common with many of my clients, I suffered from searing earache and tonsillitis as a child. I remember the comfort of a warm sock that my mother gave me to hold close to my ear.  It was filled with salt, and warmed in the coal-fired oven.  I also remember my mother warming some olive oil in a saucer.  Into this, she dipped a cotton wool ball, and place it into my ear.  Instant relief.  Magic.  It still works, and it does absolutely no harm.  Do try it. (Use your finger to test the temperature of the oil).

I had the opportunity to try out Resolution Magic on my own earache three years ago.  The searing earache came as quite a surprise, as I had not had any earache since childhood.  I began doing the exercises several times a day for just half-a-minute.  I also pounced on it when it suddenly appeared and seared for a few seconds.  After only three days it was gone.  It has never returned.

Read about ‘ middle ear infection’ in Carol’s case history. You will see that ‘middle ear infection’ is often the diagnosis when the doctor can give no other explanation.  There is rarely any evidence of the bacteria, but on accasion, it has been found.

You could be wondering if sometimes there is an ear infection, and at other times, neurological electrical pain.  I believe that the pain is caused by the electrocution, the burning of the tissue.  If this continues for any length of time, it then causes inflammation of the tissues.  This may, or may not, be followed by the invasion of opportunist bacteria; hence a true middle-ear infection.

You can use the Resolution Magic at the same time as taking any medication, and as the searing pain reduces, all of the other symptoms will also disappear.   If my theory is correct, once the electrocution stops, the ear will quickly rebuild its defences against any bacteria.

If you switch off the electrical current, your ears will soon repair, and there will not be any opportunity for any bacteria to take advantage.

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