How to Listen to your audio

Before you begin, here are the ‘rules’ -

  1. Prepare to dedicate time to your audio. Your subconscious will learn new ways of behaviour only if you listen to the CD or MP3 in the correct way.
  2. Your CD will tell you how long approximately it will last.  All are less than one hour.  Some last only 20 minutes.
  3. Switch off your landline and your answerphone (unless it is completely silent), and put your mobile in another room if it vibrates. You must not be disturbed by noises, pets, or people.
  4. As you begin to listen to your Relaxation Session CD, close your eyes and make sure you are reclining comfortably.
  5. Listen all the way through without interruption.
  7. In most cases, one session is enough, but you can listen to it more than once if you wish!