What is Causing Your Symptoms?

I have had the privilege to work with clients suffering from a wide variety of symptoms and conditions for many years, using a very different approach. The system involves a re-training programme for the nervous system, mental exercises to reduce present-day anxiety, and mental exercises to change the effect of past experiences.
It seems that the retraining work on the nervous system is paramount to success. The supporting work on unwanted feelings and past experiences is just as important as these can be influencing neurological activity.
On the surface, the wide variety of symptoms and conditions seem to be very different, but I believe they have one thing in common – they are almost all caused by the same thing – abnormal neurological waves.  These are unusually high waves of electricity travelling along the nerves of the body.  Whatever lies at the end of a nerve is in for a shock – quite literally.
Medical research into migraine and Irritable bowel syndrome has found that attacks of both migraine andIBS begin with a ‘wave of neurological activity’. This wave of neurological activity is a wave of electricity, at an unusually high level.
25 years ago I, myself, suffered from M.E, daily migraine, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and then I found a set of mental exercises that gradually made my symptoms disappear. Later in life, in 2004, I studied psychotherapy, in particular hypnotherapy and NLP, and I realised that the subconscious part of the brain controls every action of the body using sequences. I suspected that my own, original technique which I still used occasionally if a headache threatened, was breaking this sequence.
I formulated a programme based on my own techniques and then other people began to try it. These people used it for migraine and IBS, and then something strange happened.  These clients realised that other symptoms were also disappearing – symptoms like fibromyalgia, backache, and even depression.
Because so many symptoms responded to the same techniques that I used for migraine and IBS, I realised that many different symptoms were also caused by abnormal neurological activity.
This led to my own theory -

 The Theory of Neurological Wave Syndrome (NWS)

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What is a wave of neurological activity?  If you have ever almost fallen down, and then saved yourself, you may have felt a wave of electricity running through your nerves.  As another example, you might have felt a wave of panic at a time when you thought you have left your front door open, or the kettle on, when you went out.  These are examples of high levels of electrical waves, running through your nerves.
However, abnormally strong neurological waves aren’t always quite so obvious.   People only feel the reaction (or the symptom) that occurs when the electricity is discharged into the area at the end of the nerve.  And this is where my theory begins.
The nerves of the body go to every part of the body, and the brain is a ‘business-centre’ for neurones. Any nerve in the body can carry a strong pulse of electricity, and whatever lies at the end of the nerve can be in for a shock – quite literally!
The brain coordinates and controls everything that happens in your body and your mind, by sending small amounts of electricity through the nerves. Even when you are at rest, your body still receives a minute amount of electricity – your muscle ‘tone’ shows how much electricity your muscles are receiving.
However, for some unlucky people, higher-levels of electrical waves are sent along nerves, causing problems wherever it is discharged. When a strong pulse of electricity is discharged at the end of a nerve, that place will receive a small, but concentrated, electrical shock. Each area of the body reacts to this in a different way, producing a different symptom.
In most places of the body, the first reaction is often pain: the higher the pulse, the greater the pain. Low-grade electricity produces a dull ache, which increases as the electricity increases, causing soreness and inflammation, right up to searing, off-the-scale pain.
In the case of muscles, as in backache, shoulder & neck pain, electricity tenses the muscles, causing stiffness.
Those muscle are receiving too much electricity. The electricity does not ‘switch down’ properly to allow the muscle to rest.
A ‘stiff neck’ is  caused by neurological activity, it is not caused by ‘the way you have slept’.


How do other parts of the body react to waves of strong neurological electricity?

The head reacts when it is hit with increasing neurological electricity by producing headache, from a dull tension headache, right up to searing off-the-scale pain.  The medical profession separate headaches and migraine.  Migraine is the name given when other nerves are affected as well as the nerves in the head, causing a cascade of symptoms. When people are using the programme to reduce the intensity of the electrical waves, they feel their symptoms reducing. At first, people record that there are less symptoms of nausea and feeling quite so ill. Then, over successive migraine attacks, they record that their searing headache has reduced to a severe headache. This then reduces in subsequent attacks to a medium headache, then to a slight headache and then to a hint of a headache. Finally there are no more attacks. I therefore conclude from their experience, that headaches are simply milder forms of migraine.
So, what happens when the neurological wave travels down a different nerve? After all, there are many nerves in the body, all capable of transferring this excess electricity away from the central nervous system where it is produced. Strange to think that we are all ‘electrical generators!
The ears respond with itchiness, right up to searing pain.
The labyrinth is the balance organ in the ear, and it reacts with the symptom of dizziness, technically called vertigo.
The sinuses can become congested, as in rhinitis (a runny nose, lots of sneezing, or a permanently blocked nose), right up to searingly painful sinusitis. You might wonder if this is just the result of a virus, and yes, of course, it can be. But if you have had this on and off for a long time, I believe it is Neurological Wave Syndrome.
The jaw responds to neurological waves with neuralgic pain, or phantom toothache. the three nerves of the face are called the tri-geminal nerves, and if one or more of these are affected this painful condition is called trigeminal neuralgia, or ‘TMJ’ when the temporo-mandibular joint is affected.
The stomach reacts to the neurological wave with chronic indigestion. People naturally assume this is a reaction to foods eaten, but I believe in many cases of frequent indigestion it is a symptom of Neurological Wave Syndrome.
The liver responds to the neurological wave by causing the symptoms of ‘feeling terribly ill’, nausea, dips in energy, and impaired immunity.  This could also cause narcolepsy. There are many roles of the liver, any of which can be impaired while an attack is taking place.
The bladder responds with cystitis, sometimes called ‘interstitial cystitis’ or detrusor instability.  At lower levels of electrical waves, the bladder simply misbehaves and sends you erroneous messages, causing you to run to the loo when there is no need.
The joints reacts with stiffness, pain and inflammation – these are the symptoms of arthritis.
The lungs react with a feeling of ‘breathlessness’ – a ‘tight-chest feeling’ – the symptoms of asthma.
The abdomen reacts with abdominal pain, diarrhoea, flatulence and bloating, the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (and all other terms for bowel irritation and inflammation). IBS is the medical name given for any case where these symptoms repeatedly occur, where there is no other cause ( such as food poisoning).  The first reaction is often abdominal or duodenum pain, and this is caused directly by the electrical discharge.  The reactions of diarrhoea, flatulence and bloating, follow as secondary reactions. As the neurological wave continues to attack the intestines, ulceration and inflammation set in, and the condition is called Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
The large bowel reacts to strong neurological waves with constipation.
Psychological symptoms e.g. euphoria, epilepsy, depression, Seasonally Affective Disorder (SAD), anxiety and panic.  I was amazed when people who were using the programme for migraine or IBS in the early days, were discovering that their psychological symptoms were disappearing too.  It took me a while to realise that the neurological waves were following pathways within the brain, and affecting the centres for emotions.
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