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Here is a collection of snippets from years up to 2012:-

Bladder cystitis:

“I have been using the program and am happy to report that I haven’t had an attack of cystitis since. I was taking medication in the form of sodium citrate ,(prescribed) but have hardly needed any for the last month. I’m sure the Resolution Magic has been a great help.” September 2012


“I am getting on OK with the method (for pain) but have had a few set backs . Only for your encouragement in your book I would  have probably given up ,I am such a negative person the least set back &’ that’s it  this does not work’  I normally would be saying, however I am sticking with it which is not a chore ,because I am seeing results .  Pain : The last time I emailed you I told you my IBS was better . Well it came back with a vengeance or so I thought, until I looked at my chart which told me that this time the pain was 8 for about half to an hour reducing to a 3 for a couple of days, but not all day which would normally have been the case & then it would have been 10 for days. At the moment I have just the odd twinge. My Arthritis is normally very bad. I have it in my spine, knees,(have already had a knee replacement & have been told I will have to have the other knee done sometime) I really seem to have it every where. My Fibromyalgia I have all over, I have gout, plantar fasciitis,  heal spurs, bunions, bad painful feet in general, I have curvature of the spine & was born with a tilted pelvism& other problems  Not a lot going for me. However  at the moment I am fairly free from pain with my pain reaching 7 but not all day. or every day.” September 2012


‘I have been using your technique for very frequent migraines with great effect so far, just by reading the book and listening to the CD of course.’ Helen – August 2012

Period Pain with Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome

“I have found your book and audios extremely useful. I have suffered with severe period pains, accompanied at times with acute vomiting every ten minutes for between 24 hours and 5 days, known as Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome, since I was 12, leaving me laid up every month. I am now 34, and have actually got a phobia, through panic and anxiety, about my periods, worrying that I won’t be able to cope. However, last month, having read your book and listened to your ‘Magic Carpet’ audio, I managed to not have any time off sick at work for the first time, just using the “Go Aways” when the pain came on, and visualising myself floating on my back. I also imagined the blood was sea blue, rather than red, which helped. With my period due soon, I am hoping that this month will be even better, now I have the ‘Virtual Pain Relief’ audio. My colleagues, family, friends and also my acupuncturist were so impressed with the transformation in me and also the fact that I managed to actually stay at work, (after only a couple of weeks of practising) that I have spread the word about Resolution Magic, and have passed the title of the book on to 10 people. Out of those, I know two have actually bought your book and CD and reaped the benefits from it.  It is early days, but I am persevering. I am now working on my epilepsy!” July 2012


Driving  home  from  work  with  a  tear  rolling  down  my  cheek  the thought  had  occurred  to  me  that  although I  knew  to  take  it  steady  I couldn’t  deny  the  fact  that  my  experience  with  Resolution  Magic  has  been  phenomenal  and  it  has  proved  to  be  a  breakthrough  in  my  long  struggle  to  get  well  again after years and years of M.E.  Life  has changed  beyond  compare  in  a  relatively  short  time.  So  a  Big  thank  you  to  you  Olivia  and  Resolution  Magic.  Love  and  Light  Tina.  xx   12th July 2010


Hi Olivia,  Had the challenge of driving to Penzance today as I needed some paint.  I did really well!! and feel so chuffed.  Thank you so much for your advice.  I have been putting off driving distances lately so it was a real achievement for me today. Love Nula xx   9th July 2010


Hi Olivia, Just thought I would drop you a quick line to let you know how I am getting on with Resolution Magic. I am feeling tons better (especially this time of the year!) where my allergies are concerned.  If I feel the sneezing or running nose in the morning I go and do 30 seconds of the mental exercises and before I know it, it has stopped.  I looked back at my chart and I was doing it 5 – 6 times a day and now only once (not every day) in the mornings! brilliant. I just now have to try and focus it on the anxiety, the only problem I have is, I generally get the anxiety when I’m out and about with the children whilst walking or shopping is not easy, any suggestions? I am going to re-read the book again and hopefully that might trigger some new ideas. Thank you so much for introducing Resolution Magic to me, I have recommended it to many people, especially my dear friend who feels generally unwell all the time, despite being very fit and eating a healthy diet. She thinks she is allergic to Cornwall! and I want her to try it before she up sticks and leaves!! Hope you are well, love Nula x  7th July 2010

Depressive moods:

Dear Olivia,
Thank you very much for the extra CD – it is absolutely wonderful and I have found great comfort in being in ‘Cinderella’s carriage’ with my dogs. It is amazing how it really does work.  Thank you so much. I have now finished your book and as I said to you on the phone it is so interesting and one can get really absorbed in it. I did enjoy our chat the other day you have a way of uplifting one (although I have to say my depressive moods have been kept at bay with your therapy.  Long may they stay away.) Have a good weekend and stay warm. Sincerely Audrey   8th May 2010


I would like to thank you for introducing me to Resolution Magic. As a new teacher, I have a very heavy workload. In fact, it usually feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to finish all that I have to. I consider myself an organised person and therefore have found it frustrating not ever having that feeling of being “finished”. I have been unable to switch off from work at night and have found it difficult to sleep. I have also found myself collapsing at home after a hard day at work and thinking about all the things that need to be done rather than actually getting on with doing them. Resolution Magic has helped me to prioritise my tasks; by following the 3 steps, I have been able to block out the worry and see things in perspective. Though I am still busy, I now feel positive and motivated. Thanks Olivia!  Katie  6th June 2010


Dear Olivia, I decided to give it a try because it was so convenient! I find it easier to practice the Resolution Magic exercises at my own time and pace rather than attend therapy sessions, and it is so inexpensive.I found out that a single session with a different type of therapist would cost £70. I got positive results from the first time I applied the Resolution technique. I managed to send the developing migraine attack away with just 5 min of exercise – I was ecstatic! I practised the technique from the end of January 2009 and by the end of March I was completely headache and migraine free for the first time in my life.  Anna  June 2009


I wanted to drop you a note to wish you a very merry Christmas and to thank you for all your help over the years.   My heads now are better than they have ever been, and despite the various ripples that I get now that I’m menopausal (shock, horror!!), I am confident that they shall remain so!   I hope that 2009 is a good year for you and your family Olivia, and I wish you continued success with the programme and the book.   Take care.   Tonia


Hi Olivia, I’m still cracking on with the programme – had my first really bad migraine this week for months and I reckon it was all to do with my blood pressure just being sky high.  Managed it well with Resolution, still no medication!!!!!  It was certainly worth the money. Many thanks.  Judith NE England  25th January 2008 

And then, on 5th June 2008 Judith wrote again: Well, what can I say? No triptans, ibuprofen, or paracetamol since I saw you all those months ago.  Touch wood I’ve not had a banging migraine since January 2008 – I get the expected aura only now at the key times in the month and Resolution still sends it away and now it can be done in a very short period of time – I’ve not had to do the 15 minutes one for months. The power of taking control is amazing.  Lots of little changes have also had an impact but, for me, the self belief that the programme gave me has been a key factor.  The effort was all worthwhile and I would recommend the programme to anyone. Judith  5th June 2008


I can now count any migraines I have in minutes rather than hours (or days). I am even more delighted at the lack of migraine ‘hangovers’ – I used to feel groggy for days after an attack and now I find that once the pain has gone the woolly feeling has gone too.   Can’t wait to get rid of them entirely!   Thanks,   Philippa 2008


Thank you!  Renewed motivation was what was required – am definitely going to make a stand and send IT away!  Will let you know how I get on. 2008  Thanks again  Kathy


I’m doing well had another 16 days free of migraine!  Hopefully this trend will continue and eventually it will be gone altogether. Cora 2008

Migraine: plus Post-operative shock prevention:

Hi Olivia,  Thanks for your email.  I’m doing fine thanks.  Woke up after my operation with a huge ‘anaesthetic hangover’ – the WORST migraine you could ever imagine x 100!  I had a couple of really rough days, but the only thing that kept me going was taking control and doing my active sessions.  My headache suddenly lifted on Sunday evening and I was well enough to come home the day after. My recovery this time has been unbelievable – I am so well.  I told my body what to expect before the operation, so that it was not such a shock, and I feel fantastic!   Matthew’s (age 14) migraines are still keeping away too.  The first signs of a headache and he does his active exercises immediately – in fact I can’t remember the last time he had one!  Mine have been under control too, haven’t had a migraine (apart from after op), for months! Not worried about getting one either, because I know it will soon be gone!  Hope you are keeping well, hope to speak to you soon , Julie   12th June 2008


I can honestly say that my life completely turned around after Resolution Magic and especially the support afterwards. I now lead a much fuller and happier life, even working one day a week as a pensioner.  Shirley (see more below) in Cumbria 2008

from Marilyn:  I am now 56 years old and migraine free.   That has not always been the case. I was 12 years old when the migraines started.   Full blown migraines and the side effects of sickness, blurred vision and not being able to stand light. It became a way of life for 42 years.  I had migraine attacks every month.  I would end up having time off work and the only thing that I wanted to do was shut myself away with loads of ice packs on my head. I also had daily headaches which if I did not catch them quickly with painkillers they would develop into migraine. I would take up to 8 painkillers a day plus various daily tablets from the doctor that were supposed to prevent the migraines. Nothing worked until I discovered Resolution Magic.  I worked on my migraines and within a short space of time they stopped.   There was no medication to take, just following everything that Resolution Magic had taught me.  Marilyn 2008


I have had loads of migraines but I have managed to send most of them away.. so, so good so far.. I am waiting to see if the 3 day one turns up .. should be any time now.. or probably Thursday as Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are going to be really stressful days for me..   We’ll see how it goes..   Haven’t taken a single aspirin though since you came over which is a definite change..   Penny 19th Oct 2006


Hi Olivia, I’m really good thank you !! Hardly ever get migraines now!!  In fact I’ve discovered that I can drink again and have been overdoing it (due to not being able to have a drink in case of migraine attack before) BUT I’m even able to send the hangover headache away and I’m not being sick either!!     So all good thank you very much – Penny (again)  June 2008


I just wanted to say ‘so far, so good’ – I had an incident recently when I was playing golf and, after about 3 hours, I felt a ‘migraine’ starting to develop so I started working on it and, in the end, it did!  Diane


Just to let you know that I won in the ‘battle of the migraines’ on Saturday and am still OK today, Monday. So – it is going well!  Shirley Sept 2006

Just to let you know that I won in the great battle of the horrible migraine, on Sunday/Monday. Went to bed fighting and woke up to resume the fight! But I won.   Thanks so much for your support – it really does make a big difference.  Shirley Feb 2007

Just to let you know that my total of Imigran for January (2007) was just 7, which is my best total yet, and I am working hard to get it even lower. About a year ago I was heading for an Imigran a day, so what a change in my life.    Thank you! Shirley Feb 2007

For the month of May 2007 (31 days), I only took 4 Imigran, which for me is the best yet.   So – here’s to getting it down to zero, or very nearly.   Thanks for all your help,   Shirley   May 2007


Migraines this end still OK – had another one about a month ago but told it to !”£$%^ off and it did within half an hour with no symptoms trying afterwards!  Louise 2007


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