Backache, Sciatica & Non-specific Loin Pain


When a neurological wave, a pulse of electricity, arrives in a muscle, it causes the muscle to contract.  Weaker pulses of electricity cause a muscle to contract slightly and become tense.  The stronger the pulse, the more it contracts.  Normally, once a movement has been completed, the electricity is switched off, except for the smallest of signals. However, if your subconscious has left a dimmer switch on, it can cause problems.

It can cause a stiff neck, a painful shoulder, or an aching back.

These pulses can cause a tight muscle on just one side of a muscle pair.  If one muscle on just one side of your back contracts too much, it can cause back pain and even pull your back out of line.

If both muscles in the pair pull at once, it can begin a spasm – the excruciating searing back pain that renders the sufferer unable to move until it wears off.


Sciatica is the name given to lower backache.  It derives its name from a nerve that begins at the lower back and travels down into the leg, right down to the foot – the sciatic nerve.   ‘Sciatica’ can give the feeling that there is a real physical cause, like a slipped disc, a ‘pulled ligament’ or a ‘trapped nerve’ right in the vertebrae of the lower back.   The sciatic nerve can radiate electrical waves to the knee, or down to the foot.

According to my theory of Neurological Wave Syndrome, other types of general backache are simply variations of the same process, involving different neurological activity of the nerves of the back.  It all depends how and where it delivers its electrical pulse.


Practitioners often suggest that there are physical reasons as to why people have backache or sciatica.  They may say, “A disc is worn; it’s arthritis; one leg is longer than the other; the pelvis is twisted”.   If you were to visit a different practitioner with the same complaint, they would probably give you a different ‘explanation’, because it is only a theory for why you are in pain.

It’s all down to waves of neurological activity – again!

I can give you a very different theory as to why you are suffering from backache, and I believe my explanation is more credible because Resolution Magic alleviates this symptom.  If my techniques did not make any difference to backache, I wouldn’t be writing this!

When you have backache, electrical impulses are firing off into the muscles and joints of your back and pelvis.  When a muscle receives an electrical signal, it contracts.  The stronger the electricity, the more it contracts.  This is what happens when you accidentally receive an electric shock; your muscles really hurt!

Backache links with other symptoms

Many people with sciatica or backache often have other NWS symptoms.  This branching network of nerves can also discharge electricity into the bowel, or radiate it down to the legs. People who began using the programme for sciatica have found that it also reduced their irritable bowel or constipation.

Non-specific Loin Pain

Another symptom related to Neurological Wave Syndrome is a low-grade, rumbling ache around the pelvic girdle, or a sharper pain into the ‘side’.   Doctors sometimes call this symptom ‘non-specific loin pain’, and it is very common.


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Case Study: Sciatica caused by stress at work

Case Study: Paralysing back spasm


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