Case Study – Sciatica: Diana


disclaimer: results may vary

Diana suffered from an intermittent ache from her abdomen; she pointed to the right hand side of her pelvic area as she told me about it.

‘It is often triggered by very spicy foods.  Sometimes it is definitely attributed to eating something like Christmas cake but sometimes it happens without me being able to work out why’, she explained.   I had known Diana for many years, and I noticed that while she was describing her sciatica, she had often been dealing with a stressful situation in her work as a child minder.

When it was active, Diana ‘s sciatica used to reappear every day for several days, weeks or months, and then disappear for a while. It was a mystery, but it was taking its toll.  Occasionally it worsened to a searing, all consuming, frightening pain. There were times when Diana could hardly move. The pain would usually begin at sometime during the day, and worsen so that by the evening, Diana would be unable to do anything except lie down.

Diana really didn’t believe that anything could help her, but she was willing to give Resolution Magic a try. Diana’s routine began.  She went to a private place, often the bathroom, for a few moments whenever she felt the first sign of her sciatica.  For just one minute, she did the mental exercises aiming them into her pain.  She repeated this every hour that first day.

The first day didn’t seem to make any difference to the sciatica.  It lasted all day until she went to bed that night.

The following day, Diana woke up feeling completely pain-free.  This wasn’t unusual, Diana’s pain usually came on during the day.  Later that day, her sciatica began, and Diana did the active session routine every hour.  Diana recorded the duration of the pain on that second day – it was four hours.  The following day repeated the pattern – the sciatica lasted only one hour.

By now, Diana was beginning to think that Resolution Magic was going to work after all!  The following day she had her confirmation; after the initial session, the sciatica disappeared within a few seconds.

Weeks went by, and all Diana had to do if she felt any discomfort in her back, any ache or any piercing stab of pain, was to begin the routine immediately, and then it was gone.