Anything that the body or the mind does, is done as a sequence, and this sequence can be interrupted or changed with Resolution Magic. Reactions are simply symptoms at the end of a sequence.  And at the beginning of the sequence is the allergen, the thing you are allergic to.

When your body reacts to pollen, cats, or perfume, you begin to sneeze, your eyes may go red, and your throat may tickle.  All because there is something in the air.  Why are you reacting while many other people all around you are not?

Something has happened to make this reaction take place.  And it’s all down to your subconscious, once again. You may feel that your subconscious is not the cause of the problem, it is the thing you are allergic to, the ‘allergen’.  I disagree, I blame the subconscious!


‘Crossing’ takes place when sequences are formed and re-formed.

You may also find that your body has had other similar ‘crossing’ reactions.  You may have eaten some ‘off’ fish and vomited, and for ever more, you can’t eat fish.  But because there were also peas in the meal, you find can no longer eat them either!

This is one theory of how allergies may begin.  At one moment in time, a bad cold caused a runny nose, and this coincided with the arrival of some pollen.  Thereafter the pollen causes a runny nose.

However, it is of no consequence, because Resolution Magic doesn’t rely on us knowing everything.  In fact, when I first used Resolution Magic 25 years ago, I knew nothing about science, biology, medicine, psychology, or anything else.  I learnt all of those subjects after I resolved my symptoms, and then I developed a rationale as to why and how Resolution Magic works.

You can use The Resolution Magic Programme for unwanted symptoms (page 88) – treating all allergic reactions as symptoms. This programme alone has often worked extremely well.

In addition, you can add ‘No Need to React’  - a recorded exercise that will help you to reduce these symptoms even more quickly.

The Resolution Magic CD/MP3 ‘No Need To React’

The Resolution Magic CD/MP3 ‘No Need to React’ is a 25-minute exercise that will quite often reduce your symptoms considerably – or even completely.

Listen to the recorded exercise. Remember to follow the guidance and listen to it while relaxing and without being disturbed. Here’s what to do afterwards:-

When you suspect that the allergen (the thing you have an allergic reaction to) is near-by, or the first time you see evidence of the pollen in the air, or when you feel the first sign of your symptom beginning, say the words, ‘No Need to React’ in a similar way to the way it was said on the recording.  Repeat the phrase  ’No Need to React’ a number of times, in a relaxing, encouraging way rather than an assertive way. Repeat the phrase a number of times and then stop. Every half-hour repeat the phrase a few times, and then stop.

Keep a record of your symptoms. You can expect NO CHANGE at first. Each time you encounter the allergen, repeat the phrase a number of times, and then stop for 1/2 hour. Repeat throughout the reaction.

You may wish to continue with medication as you continue to use the programme.

After a while, each time you encounter the programme, the reaction will reduce a little more. Keep working until you have absolutely no symptoms. In the future, if you suspect a reaction might be starting up, remember to repeat the phrase a few times to remind your system not to react.

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disclaimer: results may vary. Please consult your GP – Resolution Magic can work along-side regular medicine.

Disclaimer: The book does not, and cannot, provide individual medical advice, but rather is for general informational purposes only. My advice is not intended to be a substitute for individualized medical advice, diagnosis or treatment by a qualified professional who is aware of your medical history and has had an opportunity to examine you.