Case Study – Asthma & Hay-fever: Stephen

Stephen had suffered from asthma as a result of hay fever for many years.  The reaction started in his eyes, and then it went all the way down into his throat, and then into his lungs.  Every part of his respiratory tract was wheezy and sore.  Summer was the worst time of the year.   He spent a lot of time indoors.

Having developed this allergy reaction while very young, Stephen had learnt how to avoid grass as much as possible, and he took medication to help alleviate the symptoms.  It was only when he applied to join the air force that he realised how asthma could alter the course of his life. He was so disappointed when he discovered that his application was rejected.  This was a devastating blow.

Stephen heard about my work with allergies, and came along for a session in the summer of 2005. After one session, Stephen began to feel the therapy working, and had the courage to mow the lawn, just to test it out.  All was well right the way through the year.   Stephen wondered whether this therapy would hold up for the following year.

In the summer of 2006 Stephen was enjoying his hobby of gliding, on an airfield, right in the middle of that huge expanse of constantly-mown grass.  It was still working!


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