Case Study – Hay-Fever: Tony


Sometimes an allergy can appear out of nowhere, and prevents people from doing the things they love.

Tony loved to ride his motorbike to work each day in the summer.  One year, he had to take the car.  His hay fever was so bad that he even dreaded walking across the car park from his car to his office.  By the time he arrived, this short exposure to pollen was enough to cause a really bad reaction.  His nose was streaming, and his eyes were bright red; he felt a mess.  It was difficult to concentrate while he was at work.  He just looked forward to the summer coming to an end.

Tony began the Resolution Magic routine and was amazed that he could ‘switch off’ the reaction himself.

The following year, he waited until the pollen began to gather in thick layer on his car before ringing me to say, ‘It is still working!’



 disclaimer: results may vary