Bi-polar Disorder

Bi-polar Disorder:  Depression and Euphoria

Sudden dips in mood and lifts into euphoria indicate bi-polar disorder.  There is much written about the ‘chemical imbalances’ of this illness.  This is an interesting theory, but I believe this occurs as a result of neurological wave syndrome. (see psychological symptoms for an explanation).

While you have euphoria, you will feel energetic, cleaning the car and digging the garden with a huge amount of extra energy.  You might keep on going for many hours, even right through the night. By the morning, you might have re-decorated the lounge. You are quite aware of how ‘high’ you feel.

If you suffer from bi-polar disorder, you will also experience the opposite end of the spectrum, despair and fatigue.  Total despair, and a complete draining of energy.   And then, after a few hours, days, or weeks, this symptom disappears, and you feel quite normal – until the next time.

Some migraine sufferers experience a really good feeling (euphoria) or a really low feeling (depression) for a few hours on the day before a migraine attack.


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