Psychological Symptoms

Psychological Symptoms: Anxiety, tearfulness, depression, euphoria, anger, hatred, vindictiveness, and wretchedness.

If you read some of the case histories, you will find that there have been many cases of psychological symptoms associated with physical conditions, like migraine, chronic pain, M.E. etc.    You might believe, as I once did, that these feelings are a logical response to being ill, but this is only sometimes the case.

People who feel totally despairing with migraine wonder if it is truly related to their symptoms, because sometimes the despair comes alone – without any other symptoms present.

I believe that psychological symptoms are, just like physical symptoms, caused by neurological waves that affect the emotional centres of the brain.

When I first began to help people with migraine, I was surprised that so many clients found that their psychological symptoms, like depression, anxiety and euphoria disappeared while they were working with the programme.  I began to realise how psychological symptoms were so different to simple, ‘unwanted feelings’.  (Chapter 7 in the book, ‘Resolution Magic’ will help you to understand this too).

At first, I wondered if this success was just because these psychological symptoms were linked to the client’s migraine condition.  But when people came along with only depression or anxiety, and no physical symptoms, the programme worked for them too. I was absolutely amazed.

My conclusion is that psychological symptoms like these are just symptoms.  Depression is not a feeling of sadness due to current events.. If psychological symptoms are going to attack, current events don’t make any difference – just like a migraine attack!

Many clients have spent years of counselling in order to unravel the events in their lives that some therapies believe are the reason for their depression.  It is true that some past events can cause unwanted feelings in the present, but there is a difference.  Even when traumatic past events have been overcome, people with depression, anxiety or euphoria, will often continue to suffer attacks.

Resolution Magic has a wonderful programme to change the effects of past experiences, and this is where unwanted feelings can be changed ‘at the source’.  The book explains how this is done, and what is happening inside the brain when memories begin to affect present-day feelings.

Changing the Effects of Past Events is an exciting and magical experience.  It is quite unlike any other ‘therapy’ in that you don’t have to re-suffer past events to ‘unravel’ them.

The centres of emotions & Neurological Wave Syndrome

The centres for emotions exist in finite areas of the brain.  When a wave of neurological activity travels along a neurone and affects one of these centres, it creates an illogical feeling,  completely unrelated to present or past events.   The feeling varies in intensity, according to the strength of the neurological wave.

Just as physical symptoms appear to ‘move’, psychological symptoms can also move from one centre to another.  The result can be a rapid transition from one feeling to another.  Ranging through depression, euphoria, anger, vindictiveness, hatred and wretchedness.  (Wretchedness is a feeling of wishing to harm oneself or others).  You can see how bi-polar is just a transition of neurological wave affect from euphoria to depression.

Personality Changes

Constantly changing feelings can make it appear as though people are having ‘personality changes’. Many clients have told me how their family have suffered from their uncharacteristic outbursts of violent temper when an attack is imminent or under-way, as if there were two personalities in one body.


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