The Magical Chocoholic Antidote


10-minute audio

You like chocolate?  I do too.  Nice isn’t it!

Well, that’s great, but perhaps you are worried about it.  Perhaps eating so much chocolate is not really what you want to do.  So what can I do to help you?

How would you like to find yourself, this time next month, looking back and wondering why you haven’t eaten any of that particular chocolate since you listened to this Resolution Magic exercise?

Decide which sort of chocolate you would like to crave less at the moment, and then listen to this 10-minute exercise – only once!   And then wait and see….

It is so much fun!



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Are you worried about not eating the ‘right’ foods? 

Don’t like vegetables? Don’t like fruit?  The book explains how to like the things you don’t – without any anxiety (page 41).  You won’t have to eat any of your disliked food until you really want to.

See also – ‘Stop Food Cravings in 7 Minutes’ – this is the same exercise, but you can use it for any food whatsoever – like cakes!