Yawning is often overlooked as a symptom of migraine, or an early warning sign.   One of my younger clients found that she often yawned in the classroom a few hours before a migraine began.

Yawning is a very odd symptom – surprisingly, it can begin even when you are feeling quite wide awake.

If you find that you sometimes are embarrassed by inappropriate yawning, which may or may not be associated with migraine, you can use Resolution Magic to turn this around.

Simply do a 20-second general active session as soon as the yawning starts. Repeat every ten minutes while the yawning is present.  Do this every time a yawning session starts. At first – nothing changes, but keep a record – and watch as each ‘attack’ of yawning reduces in duration until it disappears from your life.



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disclaimer: results may vary. Please consult your GP – Resolution Magic can work along-side regular medicine.

Disclaimer: The book does not, and cannot, provide individual medical advice, but rather is for general informational purposes only. My advice is not intended to be a substitute for individualized medical advice, diagnosis or treatment by a qualified professional who is aware of your medical history and has had an opportunity to examine you.