Tiredness, Narcolepsy,1 o’clock ‘dip’


Tiredness, Exhaustion

Many Neurologial Wave Symptom sufferers say that they feel a sense of their energy draining away, “as if someone has pulled out the plug”.

I used to get this feeling when I had episodes of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  I could have just lain down, curled up on the pavement, and gone to sleep.  The feeling used to come on suddenly, and then pass off after an hour or so.  One of my migraine clients used to pull her car off the road when she felt like this, wherever she was, and have a twenty-minute nap.

For people who suffer from M.E. this is can be a prolonged, primary symptom.  M.E. sufferers often worry that they won’t have the energy even to do this programme.  Their programme begins with little energy-boosters, just half-minute sessions, four times a day.  After a few days, the energy begins to flow more freely, and the active sessions can increase to one minute, four to six times a day.  Once the energy is available, work can begin on other symptoms, like fibromyalgia or headaches.


Narcolepsy is a condition where people fall asleep many times a day.  As with many conditions, the degree of severity of narcolepsy varies enormously.  Use the Resolution Magic Programme for Symptoms – page 88. Severe cases may need the help of a Resolution Magic coach.

The 1 o’clock ‘dip’

Many people who are not Neurological Wave Syndrome sufferers feel a similar lethargy after lunch, sometimes called the 1 o’clock dip.  When that sleepiness begins, it is so difficult to keep your eyes open!



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