Tired or painful feet


Have you ever been having a quiet, uneventful day, and for a while your feet ached for no apparent reason?  Some people find that this symptom is so painful, it limits their lives.

Melanie had the most painful of aching feet after walking just a short while on a pavement.  When Melanie stood still on any surface, the pain very quickly appeared.  If she walked across the countryside, even if the ground was hard, she could walk much further.

The condition was so bad that it spoilt every day out.  Eventually it meant Melanie was avoiding places where she might have to stand and wait, like airports and busy shops.  Melanie didn’t enjoy Christmas shopping days or visits to country shows in the summer.  Even walking her dogs could be a challenge.

Melanie worked on the pain in her feet, using the Resolution Magic programme for symptoms (page 88 in the book)  just as if she were working on a headache, and it gradually disappeared.

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