Temperature Oddities

This is a symptom that can be overlooked, as there are so many other symptoms of Neurological Wave Syndrome that are much more uncomfortable.  Coldness can be part of an aura before a migraine, or during a migraine.  It can affect the whole body, or just part of it, like the hands or the feet.    Some people find it lasts for half an hour, other just for a few moments. Coldness can be just a symptom, all on it’s own, or a symptom of any other Neurological Wave Syndrome condition, like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue.

Sue had this problem all of the time!

Sue was a temperature nightmare.  Even indoors, no matter what the time of year, the top of her head felt unbearably hot, she was always looking for ways to keep it cool.  In the summer you might have thought she could wear a sunhat to shade her head from the sun, but underneath the hat her head became too hot.  This meant that Sue ended up spending most of the summer indoors, even though she loved the sunshine.

As if this wasn’t enough, Sue’s legs and feet were perpetually cold.  She constantly sat underneath a blanket as she watched the television – even in the summer, to keep her lower limbs warm.  Her feet were like two blocks of ice – her husband confirmed that they really were cold to the touch.

Sue was a sufferer of M.E. and her energy levels fluctuated.  She also had an overwhelmed feeling when she went to the supermarket, which often seemed to triggered the extreme heat in her head. She could feel her head getting hotter and hotter as she became more and more ‘overwhelmed’ in the supermarket.   Sometimes it would begin at the checkout, but often it would begin while she was negotiating the aisles.  She found the more busy the aisles, the worse she was.

Sue began to do a couple of rehearsals before she went into the shop.  She also used the ‘3 Big Go Aways’, silently, inside her head while she was in the supermarket. And she began to use the general active sessions regularly, every few hours at home, to bring up her energy levels.

Within a few weeks, Sue felt much less anxious going to the supermarket, and at home, her cold feet and hot head slowly became more ‘normal’.

Sometimes, chaotic heat-control is a real problem. The liver is responsible. Visit ‘What is Causing Your Symptoms’  page to read more about what causes temperature problems.

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