Pins & Needles, numbness, paralysis

“Pins and needles” or numbness can be experienced as either part of an aura, or during a migraine attack. It can affect just one side of the body, involving the face, the arm, hand and fingers.

Sometimes it can seem like a stroke, a cerebral haemorrhage, especially if partial paralysis occurs on one side of the body or the face.  Marilyn was diagnosed as having had two Transient Ischaemic Attacks (TIA’s) as a result of migraine. TIA’s are caused when the blood vessels in the brain interrupt the supply of blood, causing the left or right-sided numbness and paralysis. Because this is not caused by a rupture inside the brain, a haemorrhage, the blood supply starts up normally again, once the electrical storm is over.

There have been many studies to try to work out whether there is any connection between migraine and strokes.  So far, the studies have shown that there is no increased risk of a cerebral haemorrhage if you have migraine. Remember, these studies are taken over thousands of people.  Whatever your opinion, get rid of your migraine and you won’t have to think about it!

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