Headaches: Tension Headache, Chronic Daily Headache, Cluster Headache

Symptom – Headaches:

Tension Headache,  Chronic Daily Headache, Cluster Headache

Headaches: ‘classification’

The medical profession seeks to identify patterns in symptoms and groups them all together to be recognised as a medical condition.  This is not a very satisfactory system, as you will soon realise, but it was the starting point for much research, and logically, it could have been the way forward to finding a new treatment.

Headaches are classified by the medical profession into many different types, sometimes according to their patterns of behaviour.

Chronic daily headaches are headaches that occur every day, and they can be mild or severe in intensity.

Cluster headaches are searing, spikes of headaches that occur for a while, stop, and then reappear.

There are many other terms that are used for headaches, because they vary from mild, dull aches to those that are like painful starbursts or even strikes of lightening.

Then there are common tension headaches, the every-day headaches that most people have experienced.  Some people have only experienced these as an after-effect of drinking too much!

Even more amazingly, some people have never had a headache.  It just shows you how different people can be.

According to my Theory of Neurological Wave Syndrome, the smallest headache is caused by a slightly elevated wave of neurological activity.  This wave is electricity that runs along the nerves.  Normally, low levels of electricity send messages from the brain to all parts of the body, all of the time.  But for some reason, this level of electrical wave can escalate.

The higher the pulse, the higher the pain   – right up to searing, ‘off-the-scale’ pain.

So why do blasts of electricity suddenly begin?  Where do they come from, and why are they so high?  What damage do they do;  what damage are they capable of?

All these questions are answered in the book.

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