Fibromyalgia or Polymyalgia

Doctors often find this one particularly mysterious.  It seems to affect many nerves at the same time, causing a variety of muscles to vary in weakness and pain.

Imagine the electrical pulse travelling along a spreading branch of nerves, passing through the shoulders, the arms and then to the hands, or passing through the hips to the legs and feet.  This is the pattern of fibromyalgia and polymyalgia.

The ache or the pain is felt along different points along the pathway of the nerves, rather than just at the final destination.  You might also feel spikes of pain, as random electrical charges spark off along any nerve.

The muscles at the end of the active nerve react with sometimes with searing pain, more often a case of a severe, debilitating ache.  Fibromyalgia can appear alone or as part of M.E. and other NWS conditions.

The variety of symptoms accompanying the neurological ache can make conventional diagnosis more difficult.  It will be much easier when people are diagnosed with Neurological Wave Syndrome!

This is a painful neuralgic condition that can also involve some inflammation of some joints.  There are so many joints in the body.  Some of them are moveable joints, like the knee or the elbow, and others are called fixed joints, like the pelvic bones.  These joints are welded together with cartilage.  Sometimes fibromyalgia can affect almost every joint, and people can end up using a wheelchair during their worst days.

Quite often people suffer for a couple of years, and then it gradually reduces and people can get right back to normal. My aunt and a great aunt had it, and one ended up using a wheelchair for a while, and then she made a complete recovery after 2 years. The other had aching arms and fatigue as her symptoms. She simply took steroids for a while and ended up with a ‘moon face’ as she described it – and she also gradually recovered after a few years. The steroids didn’t make a dramatic difference at the time, but she felt much happier knowing that her condition was recognised and she was taken seriously.

Steroids are normally prescribed for fibromyalgia, and these can cause weight gain, and a host of other side-effects. They are often not very effective at helping with the problem, but they can be partially effective.

Fiona was a long-term sufferer of M.E.  She began to use the programme on her daily headaches and then, in November 2007, Fiona began to use Resolution Magic on the fibromyalgia that appeared with damp weather conditions.

Fiona described to me how she could feel the progression of a heavy, and at times painful sensation as it moved from her neck to her shoulders, and then on down through her arms to her hands and fingers.  She directed the active sessions at the area of the pain, and gradually reduced it over a few weeks until it disappeared.

Polymyalgia refers to when it affects the shoulders and hips, according to my medical dictionary.

Myalgia means a pain in a muscle.

Fibromyalgia means pains in lots of muscles!

It all sounds amazing, doesn’t it, when your diagnosis is finally made.  Now that you have a diagnosis, after perhaps countless appointments, and many changes of opinion, what next?

Well, nothing usually.  It’s a bit of a let down.  But you can have corticosteroids – they are prescribed for almost anything, and they will help you a little bit until the condition burns itself out.

Or you can try Resolution Magic!  Use the programme for unwanted symptoms, keep a record, and work on any causes of present-day anxiety and the effects of past experiences. there may be many significant contributory factors. Seek help with the programme if you are debilitated by this condition.


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disclaimer: results may vary. Please consult your GP – Resolution Magic can work along-side regular medicine.

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