Smell sensitivity

Case study – Smell sensitivity:  Colin

Smells can trigger some people’s migraine attacks, as well as become intolerable before or during an attack.  It is not always the obvious smells, like perfume or petrol-fumes, sometimes it can be very mild smells, such as lavender or leather.

This can be especially difficult if your job involves serving customers in a jewellery shop.  Colin had a major migraine attack whenever someone wearing perfume came into the shop where he worked.  He could react to the smell of a man’s deodorant, or a lady’s perfume.

When someone wore so much perfume that they left the lingering smell as they left the shop, all of the staff knew that it would affect Colin, so as soon as any member of staff detected a perfume-wearing customer, he or she rushed to warn Colin so he could leave the shop until the air cleared.

As you can imagine, it was quite difficult to warn Colin in time.  As soon as he picked up the fragrance of the perfume, it was too late.  Within half an hour, Colin would be completely disabled by a severe migraine attack, and then he would be at home for at least two days.

Having Colin away from the busy shop put a great deal of pressure on to the rest of the staff.

Colin began Resolution Magic and for the first few occasions, there was no perceptible improvement.  He went home as soon as the first sign of an attack appeared, and continued with the Resolution Programme right through each attack.

The other members of staff warned Colin to leave the shop whenever a perfume-wearer was detected, so there were times when Colin had weeks without any migraine.  However, there were still some occasions when Colin was caught by a waft of perfume, and he practised the routine right through these migraine attacks.  Gradually, he began to notice things were changing.

The length of time he was at home after an attack reduced to just one day, instead of two, and the intensity was reducing.  In time, the migraines became headaches, and he was often able to stay at work.



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