Phobia is a combination of fear, and an object.  The object can be like a spider, but it can be an action, like being afraid of vomiting.  It gets complicated!

The difference between a ‘dislike’ and a phobia is the sheer intensity of the feeling.

Do you like spiders?  Do you like vomiting?  Do you like snakes?  Do you like having an accident in your pants while you are out in public?  I expect you have answered ‘No’ to most of these questions.

Now, do you think about any of these things hundreds of times every day?  Do you think about them before you go to sleep, or as soon as you wake up?  If you do, then you have a phobia!

There are a number of ways the Resolution Magic can help with phobias – seek the help of a NLP Master practitioner or hypnotherapist to uncover the links and work on them until the phobia disappears.

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