If this is one of your symptoms, you may believe it is a trigger.  In other words, the over-activity brings on a migraine attack, or causes you to have a bad episode with your M.E. or fibromyalgia.

Claire used to have high-energy days, followed by a day of migraine.

“I know when I am going to get a migraine”, said Claire, “Because on the day before I get a migraine, I can’t stop doing things.  I may feel tired inside, and yet there seems to be an excess of energy that I have to use. I have always hated gardening, but I end up out in the garden, digging up the weeds.  I used to think that this is what brought on a migraine, but now I think that this is just a symptom of the migraine.”

I agreed with Claire.  This ‘symptom’ of over-activity was a clear early warning to Claire of an attack; it was not the cause of her attack.  The problem was how to stop Claire from just taking advantage of her abundant energy, and encourage her to do some Resolution Magic exercises to reduce it!

Claire had to negotiate with herself.  She decided that she would take advantage of the extra energy, while it was there, but at the same time, she would do the exercises.

Subtly, the re-sequencing worked, and the over-activity gradually disappeared. Unfortunately, the weeds just got bigger!


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