Nausea & Vomiting

The feeling of nausea, and the symptom of vomiting are two different entities.  Vomiting only occurs as a result of nausea – most times.  But occasionally, for instance if you were to put your fingers down your throat, you can vomit without nausea.

Occasionally, and very rarely, a virus can also cause instant vomiting.  it usually shocks the sufferer, and sometimes it is the cause of emetaphobia, a fear of vomiting, or other people vomiting, as it is so humiliating to vomit in public.


Nausea is a common symptom.  Some people feel nauseous every morning.  It is very saddening, because there is no ‘point’ to it at all.  It just spoils an otherwise beautiful day.

So what can be causing this pointless nausea?

It is that pesky wave of neurological activity again!  This time, it is ‘tickling’ the liver.  If the liver receives a little too much electrical impulse, it begins to feel nauseous.  You see, I also believe the liver harbours some centres for emotions, as well as the brain.  I believe (and this is only my theory) that the liver is very much what you think of yourself as the physical ‘you’.  It is your powerhouse.  Do you know what your liver does for you?  it’s just like the Romans – What did the Roman’s ever do for us?

Your liver is responsible for heat, energy, and feeling well

It provides all of your energy and sends excess glucose off for storage as fat.

It is the source of most of your heat.

It is the source of your immunity, it fights bacteria.

It filters your blood for waste matter, removing dead blood cells.

It detoxicates the blood, removing alcohol, drugs and chemicals.

It makes proteins for the blood, for instance clotting-agents.

It stores certain vitamins and minerals.

You see, you depend upon your liver for many physical functions. If you have had too much to drink, your liver finds it hard to cope, and it makes you feel terrible!  You can see that when your liver doesn’t function properly, you suffer! It is your liver that makes you feel ill!

Neurological Wave Syndrome and your liver

When your liver is affected by excess electrical stimulus from your nerves, it doesn’t like it.

It reduces your energy, it makes you feel nauseous, it makes you want to just go back to bed.   This is the problem for many NWS sufferers, those who have fibromyalgia, M.E, chronic fatigue, post-viral syndrome, and many more, who also have problems with energy.

It can affect temperature, making you hot or cold, or a hot head with ice-cold feet.

It can affect the way you feel, making you feel a little ‘under the weather’ sometimes, and absolutely as if you were dying at other times.

If you have problems fighting off colds, perhaps your immunity is being adversely affected.

The Resolution Magic Programme aimed at your liver can bring up energy levels, restore temperature control, and restore a feeling of well-being.

Many people, with or without other symptoms, suffer from energy ‘dips’.  Vast numbers of people have an energy dip after lunch – called the one o’clock ‘dip’.  Energy dips like these can be reduced until they disappear with a little Resolution Magic! Use the ‘Fast Start’ on page 101 of the book for energy dips.


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