Migraine Aura

Migraine may (or may not) include a ‘forewarning’ set of symptoms, called an ‘aura’.  This is usually a pre-cursor of an attack, but occasionally, people experience this all on its own.

One definition of an aura describes it as a group of sensory and mood disturbances that occur some time before a migraine attack begins. Any of the symptoms of a migraine attack can also be experienced as a ‘forewarning’ of the full attack to come.

You may simply feel ‘different‘, and it can be difficult to find words to describe this feeling.  There may be a heavy weight on your shoulders, a feeling of depression, or a sense of unusual tiredness. You may feel a sense of elation, ‘euphoria’, as if you are walking on air.  You may be full of energy, a lovely feeling, except that you know it comes at a price.

Quite often people with aura have disturbances of their vision, and this often occurs closer to the beginning of a migraine attack, typically half an hour down to just a few seconds. It can also last on through an attack.  Your ability to judge distances may be impaired, and driving becomes impossible.  Many people see flashing lights, or a gap in their field of vision.  Some people see only  peripheral vision, with a circle of blackness in the centre.  Others have described ‘tunnel vision’.  Even worse, some people have the terrifying experience of total blindness lasting from a few seconds up to a few hours.

In 2004, I received a telephone call from a stranger.  He just wanted me to know that he had suffered from an aura without any migraine attack for many years.  Two or three times a year he saw zigzag lines in his field of vision for about two hours, and then it disappeared.

At first, he had been very frightened in case it was a brain tumour, but after investigations he was reassured that it was just an aura of a migraine.

Other senses can be affected, such as balance, hearing, or the sense of taste or smell.  Some sense a certain, recognisable smell, like the smell of roses, but sometimes people experience a completely original smell that only appears during an aura.  In a similar way, some people feel odd sensations of taste.

The aura can also include sensations of tingling (pins and needles) or numbness down one side of the face, or going right down one side of the body.

Some people have difficulty in speaking, or in saying the right words.  Your muscles can be affected, making you feel clumsy, dropping things or feeling weak.

You may notice a surprising change in your appetite.  Some people actually feel ravenous.


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