Jet Lag

Jet lag is an overwhelming desire to sleep that occurs when normal sleep patterns are disrupted by flights that cross time zones. You may experience it as a desire to sleep, but some people experience it as a feeling of illness, like ‘flu symptoms.

To use the programme to reduce your symptoms, whatever they are, use the ‘Draining Tiredness Antidote’ on page 101 of the book, followed by a 10-second burst of active session.  Repeat every half hour while the symptom persists.

I used this on my return from 3-weeks in the USA. In the past I would suffer from feeling dreadful for up to ten days after such a long time away. There would be some days when I simply had to stop and have a nap.

I began the programme as soon as I arrived back in the UK, after virtually no sleep on the journey back, which by now was my normal ‘day’. I managed to keep awake right through the next day by doing the active session routine whenever I felt as though I was sagging! I went to bed at the normal UK time, and slept right through.

Over the next few days, each time I felt a little weird, I did an active session, stepped forward to ‘do something else’, and then the symptom simply lifted away. I was so amazed how I bounced right back to clarity as soon as I had done an active session. I managed not to lose any time to jet-lag.  Do try it!


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disclaimer: results may vary. Please consult your GP – Resolution Magic can work along-side regular medicine.

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