Irritability & Mood Swings


Whatever the reason’ you may give yourself for irritability or mood swings, these are only ‘symptoms’ and they respond to the programme.  Perhaps you notice yourself becoming irritable when you are in a certain situation.  Jenny found that when she was waiting for the children to come home, she started to feel bad-tempered, as if the children had mis-behaved all day.  She used to sit and think about why she felt that way.

Was it because they might make the house untidy?  Was it because she would have to find snack for them?  Was it the noise they made?  Was it the way they behaved?  Round and round she went, trying to find out why she felt so irritable.

But then she started the programme.  No-one discussed the reasons for her unwanted feeling.  It wasn’t important, because the programme changes feelings without analysing them.  Yes, it’s true.  Without ever knowing why she used to be irritable, Jenny made this unwanted feeling simply disappear over three days. (see page 63 of the book).

And then she started on the next unwanted feeling – the feeling of dread every time she went to her sister’s house for Sunday lunch.  She never found out why she used to dread it, but she enjoys it now!


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