“If it’s not one thing, it’s another.”

People are often relieved to see so many of their symptoms are included in the Neurological Wave Syndrome group.  Many people have suffered a different set of symptoms at different times in their lives, or even changing on a daily basis, and they never connect them.

It may have been IBS at one time, migraine at another, and depression at another.  Some people have a continuum of symptoms that move from one system to another constantly.  One lady said, “I am so pleased that I do not have all my problems at once.  If I have migraine, I never have IBS.  If I feel depressed, I don’t usually have backache.  Unfortunately, I always have something wrong with me. People must think I am a hypochondriac!”

It’s a relief to know that there is a logical explanation of this; waves of neurological activity are simply rattling their way around the body from one system to another.


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