Hot Flushes & Menopausal Symptoms

Hot flushes, panic attacks, lapses in concentration and dips in energy are just some of the symptoms of the menopause.  There are countless more.  Fortunately they have all responded really well to Resolution Magic.

Use the Resolution Programme for any unwanted feelings like irritability.  You can use the Resolution Programme for Symptoms on both psychological symptoms, like depression, and any physical symptoms, like hot flushes.  All you have to do – is to do it!

If you are peri-menopausal, the Resolution Programme often brings periods to an end, as if finally making the decision to stop the cycle.

A woman’s normal cycle relies on a sequence.  It simply revolves, so I could start anywhere on the cycle.  Hormones transmit the messages to inform all relevant (and non-relevant) tissues where you are in your cycle.  When the egg is released, your tissues keep the egg safe until it is fertilized. If it is not fertilized, it is let go, and the lining of the womb is let go, and then a new lining is prepared for the next potential pregnancy.

Each time the new lining is ready, a hormone called ‘follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)’ requests another egg to be released. The hormone increases until an egg is released, and this can escalate when you are coming to the end of your supply of eggs, when you are reaching ‘the menopause’.  This can be measured by a clinical test, to see if you are ‘menopausal’.

Many women’s bodies accept the fact that there are no more eggs, quite readily.  They have no menopausal symptoms.

Other women, whose bodies won’t accept that there are no more eggs, have a variety of problems, from hot flushes to severe lack of concentration.  Some suffer terrible depression.

However, the subconscious can solve the problem by simply making a change in the sequence.  There is a specific exercise that actually asks your body to stop looking for an egg, and it is available from the website.


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