Frozen Shoulder

Soreness or tenderness around the shoulder and upper arm is often the pre-cursor for a frozen shoulder.

A ‘frozen’ shoulder often doesn’t hurt while it is relaxed, but it is impossible to lift up your arm.  It often resolves itself without any help at all, but it can take an awfully long time!

A chiropractor explained to me that frozen shoulders were very difficult to help.  They seemed to resolve only in their own time.  I had attended his clinic every couple of weeks for several months for two frozen shoulders. Nothing he did seemed to make any difference, and then one day, just two weeks from the previous appointment, I returned with full movement in both shoulders.  It was a remarkable turn-around.  The chiropractor asked me what had changed in my life.  I had left my husband and was beginning a new life – I was enjoying my new ‘freedom’.

One of my friends had a frozen shoulder before she plucked up the courage to change jobs.  She noticed in her new job she had freedom to make changes in her work.

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