You may notice that the day before an attack, you feel like a million dollars. Think about it for a moment. Do you feel invincible? Do you feel as though you are walking on air? Perhaps you feel as though you have just won the lottery.

This is euphoria. Uncontrolled giggling is closely related. Also closely related is an uncontrollable urge to work.

Most people wouldn’t complain about this symptom, but it is a symptom, nevertheless. It may be the first sign of your next migraine attack, so set to work right away with hourly active sessions while you enjoy this wonderful feeling. Keep a record and when you have this feeling in the future, record how long it lasts before your feet are firmly back on the ground again.

Each time the symptom reoccurs, it will reduce until it disappears. If this was the first link in a sequence that used to take you into a migraine, job well done!

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disclaimer: results may vary. Please consult your GP – Resolution Magic can work along-side regular medicine.

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