Endometriosis & Excessive Bleeding

It can be difficult if you have endometriosis to separate the facts from fiction.  Endometriosis is an illness that has a great many professional ‘opinions’.  Most of them can’t be proven or disproven.

First of all, the medical jagon:

Lesions - these are areas of scar tissue. Sometimes, where there are two adjacent parts of the body that have suffered many bouts of inflammation and repair, the two touching areas can end up being fused together (fact).

There are some professionals who believe that the cells that cause menstruation can be found in other areas of the body, and they can cause inflammation and lesions at the time of menstruation (theory).

This might be true, but also, if my  theory of Neurological Wave Syndrome is correct, electricity firing off the end of a nerve to these areas could have the same effect.

The Resolution Magic Programme for Symptoms

Let’s get back to basics.  Now that you have read the book, write down a list of your actual symptoms.  Perhaps you have pain with or without excessive bleeding.  perhaps you have a general ache. Work on these symptoms using the basic Resolution Programme for Symptoms (see page 88).

Begin by listening to the Magic carpet exercise on the CD. Read page 62 to remind you of the way to listen to this exercise.

For quite some time, perhaps 4 weeks, you can just be doing the active sessions every 2-4 hours, (when convenient).

This is the main-stay of the programme, and it can sometimes do most of the work, all by itself. Simple as it is, this little routine can move mountains. However, it does take time, and doing this programme for a long time is the most important thing to remember.

Begin your chart, if you have not already done so. Let me know if I have not already sent you a chart and the link to the video to help you. At first your scores will be consistently high – perhaps 6, 7 or 8. Keep your chart beside your bed and just give yourself an overall score for the day.

After 4-16 weeks of the ‘Go Away’ routine, you may begin to see slightly lower scores. Just keep going, you can maintain this easy routine for over a year if necessary.

There will be times when your symptoms seem to get worse – just keep going. There will be hills and valleys on your chart at the end of the year, but you will see an overall downward drift.

As time goes by, watch out for unwanted feelings. Re-read how to deal with these on page 62, and then begin to work on changing the effects of any past experiences. If you have had traumatic, painful or terrifying events; accidents, dentistry, childbirth or operations, then these may need my help, and you could, if you wished, book in for a couple of sessions to help with them.

Working with past experiences can be amazing, and once under-way, you will be amazed at how much our past experiences can contribute to unwanted feelings and even physical symptoms.

So, begin now with the basic programme, and just keep going!

Case Study:

Here is some good news for you. One of my other clients came to me with endometriosis. She had very irregular periods, and they were painful – she felt ill with them. She also had IBS. We worked all year, she aimed the Go-aways regularly at her abdomen, and she worked on anxiety as an unwanted feeling because it was related to setting off to go out anywhere.

She did Rehearsals before she went out, and Retrospective Rehearsals after she got home. She also worked on past experiences where she had been unfairly treated in one of her past jobs. There was also an incident where she had a very painful visit to a dentist.

It has been a year since she began the programme. Six months into the programme, she was making a little progress – able to go out more often but she was still suffering diarrhoea, etc. which kept her at home 2-3 days each week. This was an improvement on almost daily diarrhoea. However, now at the 12-month point, she is going out every day. She rarely has an ‘off’ day. And- best of all, her periods have been on a 30-day cycle for the last two cycles, with very little pain.

My opinion is that the neurological waves were electrocuting various parts of her abdomen – her bowel and her ovaries. The walls of the ovaries were constantly being scorched, and thickened up as a result. The egg has to ‘punch through’ the membrane of the ovary to be released, and with a thickened ovary wall, this was often impossible.

The menstrual cycle depends on the hormones that are produced by the release of the egg in order to keep the cycle going, so this lady had experienced 60 day cycles. The eggs are released from each ovary in turn. The 60-day gap could indicate that one ovary was more badly affected that the other, although there had been even longer gaps at times.

The normal cycle of 30 days indicates that the walls of the ovaries were now back to normal, and eggs were ‘punching through’ much more easily.

Excessive Bleeding

Using the Resolution Magic Programme for symptoms, aim your active sessions at your abdomen. Month by month, record  your symptom on a chart. Remember – at first, there will be no change, but compare month by month, or period by period, and you will see a gradual reduction.


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disclaimer: results may vary. Please consult your GP – Resolution Magic can work along-side regular medicine.

Disclaimer: The book does not, and cannot, provide individual medical advice, but rather is for general informational purposes only. My advice is not intended to be a substitute for individualized medical advice, diagnosis or treatment by a qualified professional who is aware of your medical history and has had an opportunity to examine you.