Emetaphobia is a fear of vomiting, either by other people, or by oneself, (or both).  For some people, it is the worry of not being able to find a suitable place in which to vomit, should the need arise.

The worry begins to affect everything. If you suffer from this condition, as soon as you wake up, it is the first subject to arrive in your mind. Lying in bed, you wonder if the places you will go might take you into contact with someone who may vomit. Even seeing the word on this page makes you want to turn off the computer and forget all about it, but you know it won’t go away. It never goes away.

All through the day, every day, whatever you do is tinged with the thoughts about vomiting.

Case Study:

Briony used to ignore the telephone ringing sometimes because she felt so strongly that if she were to feel like vomiting while she was talking on the telephone, she might not be able to get to the bathroom in time.  Logically, she knew this was not at all likely.  She had never felt like vomiting while she had been talking to someone on the telephone in her life!

There were times when she wouldn’t answer the doorbell, or pop down to the local shops, just in case she couldn’t get home in time.  While she was out, she would constantly make plans of how she would escape if she felt like vomiting!  Every moment of every day was spent on thoughts like these.

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