I have included this symptom because if you suffer from it, you probably think you are very strange.  It’s very difficult to describe it isn’t it!  But I will try.

Imagine you are on holiday, at the beach.  Imagine sitting on a towel on the sand, and feeling the sand between your toes as you feel the breeze and the warm sun on your face.

And now imagine you are watching yourself sitting on a towel on the sand, with your feet in the sand, and the sun and the breeze on your face.  This is disassociation.

It seems as though the part of the brain that allows you to do this when you want to imagine a different perspective, sometimes doesn’t switch back to the normal perspective, of being inside your own body.

It can also feel like a ‘shift’ in your place in time.  When I was in much younger, I experienced a few years when I had ‘slipped’ into another generation.  I felt as though I was of the older generation, in my sixties or seventies, instead of being in my late twenties.


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