Dietary Intolerances

Diet – Food can cause Neurological Wave Syndrome symptoms!

Oh dear, just when you thought I wasn’t going to talk about food, here it is! I know how hard it is to have to give up eating toast, crusty French bread, pies and pizzas, but if that is what your system needs, you really haven’t got a choice – not right now.

The problem is, at this time, you may not know whether food is causing your symptoms, or simply making them worse.  There are a couple of possibilities.

Imagine you are sending a wave of electricity down into one part of your bowel, causing irritation.  When it gets irritated, other things become less tolerable, like wheat.  However, when you have stopped the irritation, your bowel may tolerate wheat normally (but you might not!).

You may have had a test in the past to see if you are intolerant to wheat, (or gluten).  The medical name for this condition is Coeliac Disease.  All medical tests have a ‘success rate’.  It might be that a certain test has a confidence rating of 70%.  This means that three out of ten people will be given the wrong answer.

How can you know if you are having an adverse reaction to food?  Quite simply, all you can do is to leave wheat out of your diet for the first few weeks of the programme, and then see what happens when you reintroduce it.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be a reaction, or a contributory factor to the reaction to wheat, and some people have discovered that other Neurological Wave Syndrome symptoms (like headaches and dips in energy) have also reduced after eliminating wheat.

Case History

Victoria: IBS & wheat intolerance

Victoria began the programme because her IBS was beginning to become a nuisance.  She had begun to worry about travelling and going to meetings, just in case she was ‘inconvenienced’.

Victoria began to use the Resolution Magic Programme, but at the same time, she avoided wheat products completely for the first two weeks.

Victoria also did the Rehearsals technique before she travelled, and before any meetings.  Immediately she began to reduce the symptoms, and she wondered whether wheat was, in fact, a problem.  One day, she put it to the test.

Victoria was taking a flight to see her family in Italy, when the air hostess brought the in-flight meal.  It was sandwiches.  Victoria hadn’t eaten for quite some time, but she knew that she may be risking it if she ate wheat.  However, hunger won the day, and Victoria succumbed.  As the flight continued, Victoria wondered whether she would have to dash to the loo.  She crossed her fingers and hoped that if there was going to be a reaction, it would happen long before the ‘remain seated’ lights came on for the flight descent.

As she read a magazine, Victoria felt completely comfortable.  Under her breath, she did a few mental exercises, just in case.  Nothing happened.

Relieved and hopeful, Victoria arrived in Italy, and soon she began to eat pizza and pasta with her family.  Everything went well, for a few days.  On the fifth day, however, Victoria had IBS problems.  She began the Resolution magic exercises, left out wheat, and then after a couple of days, everything settled down again.

Over the following weeks, Victoria began to notice that she could tolerate wheat three times a week, but no more than that.


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disclaimer: results may vary. Please consult your GP – Resolution Magic can work along-side regular medicine.

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