Many people cry during a migraine attack.  When the pain is at its worst and people feel so desperately ill, this is quite logical, a natural response to feeling really dreadful.

However, some people cry all through a migraine, and sometimes more strangely, before the migraine attack begins.

And sometimes people have this symptom all on its own, without any other symptom, and without any reason to be sad, in fact, they freely admit, they are not feeling at all sad!  If you suffer from unexplained crying, repeat active sessions every 1/2 hour while you are having these strange ‘attacks’. Keep a record and you will see them gradually reduce in duration until they fade away completely, and don;t come back. Watch for any sign of them returning in the next few months, and pounce on it with an active session if it should dare to reappear.

Case History

Mandy:  Crying

Mandy could not stop crying while she was on the telephone.  Strangely, she told me wasn’t feeling distressed, and she was listening to me.  As her condition improved, I noticed that she gradually stopped crying.

Mandy rang me in March 2007.  She told me about how she was about to lose her job because of her migraine. She hadn’t been able to keep a job for any length of time since leaving college. Shortly after beginning the telephone call, Mandy began to cry, and I asked her if she would like me to ring back later.

“No, its alright, I can keep going,” she said.  Mandy sobbed heartily as she told me of that she was recently married and how she feared that she may never have a baby, because of her constant migraine. It was heartbreaking.

I was able to arrange a home visit three weeks later. She began to cry when she told me once again about how her migraine affected her life. The raging pain and the nausea were twice weekly events, and lesser headaches appeared most days.  As we worked on, she continued to cry, all the way through the session. I suddenly realised that this crying was yet another symptom.

On a previous occasion, a client in Cornwall cried all the way through her appointment.  At the time, I didn’t know how much she would have benefited from my visit, but she seemed to get on just as well as everyone else afterwards. I wondered at the time if it could have been ‘just a symptom’, and now, thanks to Mandy, I had confirmation.

As I spoke to Mandy on the weekly telephone calls, the crying lessened. Several weeks later, when the crying had completely stopped, I knew that she was well on her way.  All was progressing quite well, until a few months later I had another tearful telephone coaching session – Mandy had come to the end of a very long gap!


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