Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is characterised by pins and needles that worsens gradually to temporary numbness in one or both hands. The  loss of control over the muscles of the hand affects dexterity. Work becomes increasingly difficult. Everyday tasks like fastening zips and buttons, driving a car or turning on a stove become difficult.

Case History

November 2012:  Melody is using Resolution Magic for her left hand. A few months ago, she underwent surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome on her right hand, but the operation was so traumatic, she did not look forward to having another.  Melody was so pleased when she discovered Resolution Magic at the Manchester BSSK Mind, Body & Soul event in August 2012, with the possibility of avoiding another operation.

Melody bought the book, and began to follow the instructions. She began by listening to the Magic Carpet CD, and then she began ‘directional active sessions’ – aiming her active sessions at her left hand.

Melody’s left hand was always very uncomfortable. She couldn’t grip anything, so activities like washing up and putting things away were a nightmare. In her hand, she had a horrid sensation of pins and needles, and continual severe pain. The operation had been a complete success on her left hand, but she could not face another operation as traumatic as that.

Melody began regular sessions, and kept a chart of how her hand felt. Within a week, the pain had gone down considerably, and she cancelled the ‘nerve block’ that had been offered to her. Delighted, she continued, and in another few weeks, her grip began to improve. At four weeks, her grip was so good, she decided to try a bicycle ride – the first one for many years. She was delighted. her hand was operating pain-free and with almost full strength.

Melody is continuing to improve the strength in her hand by just doing the active sessions; 1/2 minute, every few hours, every day.

Melody has used the programme on her right hand, and has recorded a significant reduction in the pins and needles symptoms that characterise the condition.


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disclaimer: results may vary. Please consult your GP – Resolution Magic can work along-side regular medicine.

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