With resolution Magic, there are a number of ways that you can use to make your blushing disappear. You could use the techniques that work directly on symptoms, or you could change the way you feel in certain situations that cause you to blush.  And you can change the effect of a past experience, if that is what is triggering the reaction.  Or you can use all three!

You can read how Samantha (see ‘case histories’) dealt with her blushing problem by discovering an instigating experience, and then using the Resolution Programme to stop this reaction.

However, you may not be able to find an instigating experience, but fear not!  You can use the Resolution Programme for Symptoms directly on your blushing reaction.  This is also very useful if you blush when you are not at all embarrassed.

If you blush in public places, for instance, when presenting, or when talking to other people, you can begin a programme to re-educate your subconscious so that you simply don’t blush in those situations.

You may also have an associated ‘feeling’, like feeling awkward, self-conscious, or vulnerable.  If this is the case, work on this feeling, using the Resolution Programme for Unwanted Feelings, and the blushing will also disappear.


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disclaimer: results may vary. Please consult your GP – Resolution Magic can work along-side regular medicine.

Disclaimer: The book does not, and cannot, provide individual medical advice, but rather is for general informational purposes only. My advice is not intended to be a substitute for individualized medical advice, diagnosis or treatment by a qualified professional who is aware of your medical history and has had an opportunity to examine you.