If you have been suffering from ataxia, you may feel that your crockery will not stand up to your clumsiness much longer.  One by one, all the wedding presents have been dropped or chipped, and you are wondering if you should wrap up all the remaining items and store them in the loft!

Ataxia is the medical term for lack of coordination, and we can all suffer from that from time to time.

If you only suffer from this as a pre-menstrual symptom, you can still use this programme so that you can save your china.

For some people it can be a more serious symptom.  ‘Hemiplegic Migraine’ is characterised by weakness or even paralysis on one side of the body.  I am not an advocate of clumping together a group of migraine symptoms and then giving them a special name, but sometimes it is reassuring when a term defines an illness, at least it means that your condition is recognised.


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