This symptom is commonly experienced by people who suffer from migraine. However, you may suffer from this strange symptom, even if you never ever have a migraine attack.

Dysphasia is incoherent speech or inappropriate choice of words. Many of my clients have amusing stories about this, but sometimes other people can get the wrong idea, and unkindly think that people with aphasia aren’t very bright!


Jim telephoned for help. He had been clear of migraine for a couple of years, but he was afraid that he was beginning to lose control. A new symptom had appeared, and it was very unusual. “I don’t know what to do”, said Jim. “I keep on speaking gibberish to customers at work. I never know when it is going to happen, until it is too late, and then later on in that day, a migraine attack begins.”

You may suffer from this strange symptom, even if you don’t get migraine.

This symptom is the inability to formulate or control sentences and words. It feels really silly when you mean to say a word and it seems to come out back to front. Or you try to say one word, and a completely different one comes out in its place.

Susan complained about having ‘blonde moments’. She was concerned that other people at work would think that she was ‘one sandwich short of a picnic’! The problem was that occasionally Susan would say something quite unexpected. She said things like, “Close the fridge” instead of “Close the door”. Then it was too late, everyone had already heard her say it. It wouldn’t have been so bad if there had been a fridge somewhere in the vicinity!  The worst occasion was when her boss asked her to bring some documents to a meeting, and when she arrived, she announced to the whole meeting that she had just parked her car in the wrong kettle!

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