Anxiety is a psychological symptom.  Jill’s story (below) explains more about how this symptom feels.  Anxiety is quite illogical –  just like all of the other psychological symptoms!

  Case History - Jill: Anxiety

Jill was finding her migraines were reducing really well, but she was worried.  Now that her migraine was subsiding, it seemed as if an old adversary was making a comeback.  On two separate occasions in the past, Jill had suffered from anxiety.

Jill described the feeling like she was driving on the motorway, and a huge lorry was coming towards her in the same lane, but of course, she wasn’t on a motorway, and there wasn’t any lorry. There was also a simultaneous dip in mood, a sudden feeling of depression without any rationale.

This symptom had occurred on a number of occasions nine years earlier, when Jill’s father had died.  The symptom reoccurred, for no apparent reason, five years later.  During these phases, Jill had recurrences of an overwhelming feeling of despair that arrived suddenly, and disappeared after a few days.

At that time, Jill was given anti-depressants.  The problem sounds so manageable when written here, but it was so debilitating at the time that Jill had to give up her career because of it.  No wonder Jill was more than a little concerned that it might be making a comeback!

When Jill telephoned me, I wanted to reassure her at once.  I had seen many other cases like this where migraine sufferers had experienced anxiety and dips in mood as part of their condition.  I explained to Jill how to tailor the exercises to reduce these symptoms.

It was interesting that Jill noticed that when she had experienced dips in mood and anxiety, she had no neurological activity in her other systems, and vice versa.  The neurological wave seemed to be switching from one nerve to another.  It wasn’t long before Jill was able to send this old adversary away.

Case Study: Chris – Anxiety


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