How can I do this?

How Can I Do This?

You may not feel confident about teaching yourself new skills from books, but don’y worry, you can be coached through this programme by a Resolution Practitioner.  All you need is a telephone.

I have helped many people through the Resolution Magic programme. I telephone my clients weekly, taking them step by step through their own journey.

After a few months, when each person is ready, we change this to fortnightly, and then monthly telephone calls.

On the telephone, I share my experience and carefully describe the exercises for you to concentrate on, and how to do them. I gradually add in the extra mental exercises, and your knowledge grows..

I also work with you, right there on the telephone, to trace the origin of unwanted feelings and symptoms, and walk you through the ‘Changing the Effects of Past experiences’ exercises. This is a fascinating experience, and all the while, you will becoming more and more competent and you will be able to use these exercises all by yourself one day.

This will help you to overcome whatever life throws at you in the future. We will be working on present-day anxieties too, making sure that the everyday upsets of life are not affecting you too much.

All of the areas of Resolution Magic will be covered:

  • How to keep a chart – the most important tool in the toolbox!
  • Working with your neurology with the ‘active sessions’, to make physical and psychological symptoms slowly reduce until they disappear.
  • Changing unwanted sequences that lead to unwanted feelings and physical symptoms.
  • Tracing unwanted feelings and symptoms back to their origin in past experiences. Not all symptoms lead back to past experiences, some seem to be simply habits of the nervous system.
  • Changing the effects of past experiences without changing the memory.
  • Making unwanted present-day feelings disappear, like anxiety, over-sensitivity, worry or self-consciousness.
  • Working with relationships – changing any negative effects that other people have on you!
  • Covering all aspects of you – dealing with fears and phobias, procrastination and other ‘invisible hurdles’, allergies, reactions (like blushing), physical symptoms and psychological symptoms like depression,  improving existing conditions, and confidence-building.

Once you have joined the programme, it is a whole-of-life programme. it does not come to an abrupt end. As a member of the Resolution Magic Association, you can contact me at any time in the future if you need any further advice. By that time, you will know how Resolution Magic can help with any problem!

If you would like to begin this adventure with me as your guide, in the first instance, please get in touch to arrange a telephone call. If you would then like to begin the programme, please order the book if you have not already purchased a copy, pay your deposit by Paypal using a credit card or our own Paypal account, and then we can begin.

Before you even start your programme, begin to keep a record now..

If you have on-going physical or psychological symptoms, why not begin to keep a record now?  Record the frequency, intensity and duration of each episode.

At the end of each day, give yourself an average score for the whole day. Use a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 being the highest score, and the worst intensity of your symptom. Request a copy of the chart so that you can print it off at home.

Later, when you begin to reduce your symptoms, you will be able to make a good comparison.