Answer to ‘A New You’ question


I have been listening to ‘A New You’ to help me to resist eating the wrong food. At first, it seemed to help, but now I find I am slipping back into my old ways. I was subject to abuse as a child, and I am wondering if this could have anything to do with it. Can you help?


It is lovely that you are using Resolution Magic. The ‘A New You’ CD or MP3 is really just a booster for people who are reducing their weight, but it is not able to overcome all negative emotional influences that are the effects of past experiences.

In Carol’s case study in the book, ‘The Secret Chocolate Eater’ you can see that even mild past events (compared with yours) can influence our eating. Even though these past events logically have no link with food, our emotions are affected by past experiences, and these are just links in the sequence that ends up with comfort-eating.

For yourself, I would recommend the ‘full programme’ but if you do decide to ‘go it alone’, you must begin with ‘Changing the Effects of past Experiences’. You can obtain the CDs or MP3s to help you via the website – look for ‘Resolution Magic CDs’.