How To Begin


How to Begin the Resolution Magic Programme

Payment details

Options include:-

1:1 tuition - The Resolution Magic Programme:  A complete programme fully-supported  by weekly and then fortnightly telephone coaching.
‘One-off’ 45-minute telephone appointments
The On-line Tutorial - more details here on-line tutorial
Workshops - more details here workshops
Individual 1:1 appointments in France


Begin 1:1 tuition :-

The Resolution Magic Programme
1. Arrange an initial telephone discussion – via contact page
2. If you haven’t already purchased a copy, please order the book when you pay the deposit (UK only)to be sent with your initial package. (Non-UK, please order a book via Amazon).
3. Pay the initial payment – see ‘Payment Options‘ page
4. Charts – a pdf will be emailed to you. UK clients will receive a package with standing order forms and some printed charts.
You can request the pdf of the Resolution Magic chart via the contact page so that you can begin to keep a chart even before you begin your programme.
Here is a link to the video that explains how to use the chart:-  The chart instruction video
Your Resolution Magic Coach will coach you by telephone, guiding you step-by-step through the programme.
Waiting List - There is a waiting list now, you will be given an approximate time when your tuition can begin.
If the full programme is not for you - telephone appointments are suitable if you are using the book to work your way through the programme, and you would like help with specific projects.

International clients:-

You can begin a programme wherever you are in the world, providing you are English-speaking, and can receive telephone calls.  You can elect to communicate via email.
Please telephone to discuss the programme before you decide to go ahead. It will be an opportunity for you to decide if the programme is really for you, and to discuss a convenient time when you can receive the calls, given the international time zones.
And then, all you need is a landline telephone or Skype.  I will telephone you for each telephone appointment, providing there is a reasonably inexpensive international tariff to your part of the world.
If you wish to use a mobile telephone, this must be at your own expense.

Beginning the 1:1 Resolution Magic Programme

Please contact me by email or telephone to discuss your symptoms, conditions and projects, before you sign up for the programme. You will need a copy of the book – this will be your reference guide.
Please don’t begin any other therapy or new medication for your symptoms while you are on the Resolution Magic Programme. Resolution Magic is so powerful that you might be tempted to think that your improvement is the work of a medication or another new therapy. It is fine to continue with any existing medication.
The book is very interesting to read, but you don’t have to study it like an exam!  You will be guided step-by-step through the programme by me, as your Resolution Magic practitioner.
I will begin by taking a full case history, and outline a programme designed for your own needs.
It is all be done by telephone, at a convenient time of day, any day of the week.
As you work with the programme, you will discover how to use the mental exercises of the three main areas of Resolution Magic.  One works on unwanted feelings, another works directly on symptoms, and the third works on changing the effects of past experiences.


Working with the 3 Areas of Resolution Magic

Unwanted Feelings

Your practitioner will work with you to identify unnecessary feelings, and how to make them disappear.  For instance, you can re-train your brain to stop worrying, build up your confidence, and become ‘oblivious’ to the things that wind you up!
You will not be ‘rationalizing’ these feelings away.  This is an entirely new way of dealing with unwanted feelings.  You will be intrigued to see how easily you can change an unwanted feeling in just a few seconds a day, using Resolution Magic, without perhaps ever knowing why it came to be!

Physical and Psychological Symptoms

Your practitioner will also show you how to make any physical and psychological symptoms disappear. This is an amazing part of the programme. Even the most stubborn, long-standing, debilitating symptoms can reduce in intensity, duration and frequency until they disappear.
This part of the programme is not dependent upon the programme for unwanted feelings. Your symptoms might not have any link with unwanted feelings, they might simply be habits of the nervous system. You will discover if this is true when you begin the Resolution Programme for Symptoms.

Changing the Effects of Past Experiences

And finally, the 3rd area of work will begin. This is the art of identifying past experiences that could be influencing you in a negative way, and then changing these unwanted affects.
If the way you feel, or indeed, your physical symptoms, are in any way linked to past experiences, you will have fun – yes, fun! - when you do the exercises to change the effects of past experiences.
No matter what is in your past, the Resolution Magic techniques to deal with them are not at all traumatic.  It is quite unlike any other therapy.  You won’t simply be stirring up uncomfortable memories, and then leaving them to continue to adversely affect you.

Other Projects

Included in your programme, is any other project that you wish.  Take a look at the list on the ‘Symptoms & Conditions’ page.  You might want to change the way you feel when you are in an exam, or perhaps you would like to prepare yourself for an operation.  Perhaps you would like to work on a verruca, or perhaps you have your own unusual project, that doesn’t appear on the list. You can include all of your projects in your programme.

Change any aspect of your life

And now, it is time for you to begin to change the aspects of your life, to make every day more enjoyable, and more fulfilling.  You will discover techniques that you can use for a lifetime, for many different purposes, and you will be able to pass on this knowledge to your family, for generations to come.

Resolution Magic will change your life forever

Telephone UK  0208 1336353
International ( +044) 208 1336353
Please leave a message for a return call.
or send an email via the website (see ‘contact us’ button).

I look forward to your call!