Weight Control

Weight Control – “A New You”

The Resolution Magic Programme can help you with your weight control. You can combine this audio with any other support  - or simply use it on its own.

If you would rather not begin the fully-supported Resolution Magic Programme right now, you might prefer to simply purchase this 34-minute exercise, ‘A New You’.

This CD/MP3 will change the way you feel about food, and about yourself.   You will be on your way to making all the changes you need to become a slender person – naturally.

Listen to this exercise regularly, perhaps every week in the beginning, and then once a month until you feel really confident about the way you look and the way you feel about food.

Change the way you feel about food in many ways :

  • Be less pre-occupied with food – in other words, spend less time thinking about food
  • Be less interested in those ‘naughty’ foods
  • Your stomach will stay ‘asleep’ in between meals – so you won’t feel hungry
  • Feel good about yourself, with a sense of purpose
  • Look forward to the day when you are the perfect ‘you’

Add this CD to your regime to play as often as you wish – perhaps once a week, to retrain your mind to keep you ‘on track’. Simply set aside time to relax completely while you close your eyes and listen.

Never play this audio in a car where the driver can hear it.

Don’t forget to read the ‘rules’ before you listen to the CD/MP3



MP3 A New You £8.99 

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