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One of the most powerful and effective ways to deal with verrucae is to use the body’s own immunity

  • The body’s immunity should (but it doesn’t always) eliminate a verruca within two years.
  • People don’t always want to put up with a verruca for two years!
  • Verrucae can be extremely painful.
  • Verrucae can sometimes linger for many more than two years.

Case Study: Fiona had verrucae for ten years

All case histories in the Resolution Magic website are stories about real people.

Fiona suffered from verrucae (sometimes called plantar warts) for ten years, until 2007.  Like some other people, Fiona did not build her immunity, and so as the years past by, she tried many different products and treatments.  The various doctors that Fiona saw, all said it was the worst case of verrucae they had ever seen!  The verrucae were so widespread, and so painful, it was more than just a nuisance, it was debilitating.

Fiona tried freezing the verrucae, and every three weeks, Fiona went to the clinic for the treatment.  For the following week, Fiona couldn’t walk, as her feet were so painful.  After a few months, this wasn’t working either, so Fiona stopped this treatment.  All she could do was to have the verrucae shaved down to a tolerable level.

Fiona couldn’t understand why her verrucae were so different to everyone else’s!

Of course, they were the same; it was Fiona’s immune system that was not doing its job, but what can be done about that?

I suggested that there was another way – a way to ‘wake-up’ her immune system. Fiona was sceptical, and she thought about it for a while.

“Will it work if I don’t believe in it?”   she asked.

I answered  ”Of course!  The exercise for verrucae is simply an exercise to wake up your immunity.  Anyone can do it!”

Fiona was now more interested, and she asked “Will take very long to do the exercise?”

It only takes 20 minutes, and you need listen to it only once. All you have to do is to follow the guided exercise on the CD.  Relax in an easy chair, at a time when you will not be interrupted by telephones, pets or other people, close your eyes, and listen.

Fiona thought this sounded TOO EASY.   “How many times will I have to do the exercise?” she asked.

I answered   ”Only once!  Yes, that is really how many times you should listen to the exercise!”

And then Fiona thought it sounded TOO SIMPLE!  “Surely it is going to take much more effort than that!” she said.

“Well, actually, you do realise that you will be just relaxing in an easy chair while you listen to this mental exercise, don’t you?”  I said, “So when you have finished, you will feel wonderfully refreshed.”

Fiona couldn’t believe it!  Not only was she going to get rid of her plantar warts with 20 minutes of mental exercises, but she was also going to have a nice time relaxing while she was doing it!

By now Fiona was beginning to look forward to getting rid of her verrucae.

After all these years of suffering terrible treatments and pain, she began to giggle when she thought of herself just relaxing back in her armchair while she listened to an audio.  This was going to be the best treatment ever!

But then, Fiona had a horrible thought, “Supposing the verrucae are still there after the 20 minutes!”

I answered  “Oh, don’t worry. Fiona,”   I said,  “They certainly WILL be – the plantar warts will probably take a few weeks to disappear.”

The immune system will -




Why do plantar warts come back after being treated with creams or freezing? Because the immune system still does not recognise the verruca as an enemy.

Fiona’s verrucae were so painful that they reminded her daily of their presence, so she didn’t have to look to see if they had gone, she could feel  they were still there.

Every week, Fiona looked at her calendar, and counted the days since she had listened to the CD.  She was convinced that yet another treatment had failed. Two weeks after the mental exercises, the verrucae were still painfully reminding Fiona of their presence.

And then, on the third week, Fiona couldn’t feel any discomfort.  She wondered if the verrucae were receding, so she looked at her feet.  There was nothing there. No sign of any verrucae at all!  You see, when the immunity gets to work on a task, it does a thorough job. There was not a trace.

Fiona could not believe her eyes.  This really works!  Fiona was so delighted, so amazed, so thrilled!  When she told the nurse at the clinic, all of her friends, and everyone she knew, they were also amazed!  Everyone was amazed!                                                           

Fiona remains completely clear of verrucae, and probably will do so for the rest of her life.

What if, one day, the verruca comes back?

Once the immune system has recognised the verruca as an enemy, it usually remembers this for the rest of your life.  However, if something should happen and a new verruca does not go away with a few days, just listen to the audio again!  Your immune system will do all the work for you.

Impaired immunity because of an illness? If your immunity is ‘down’ because of an illness, take a look at the website, and consider if Resolution Magic may be able to help you in other ways. You are welcome to ring me, or e-mail at any time to discuss your own condition.

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