Spider Phobia


How to conquer spider phobia!

Now you can settle down and listen to this audio to change the way you feel about spiders.

The audio lasts for about 35 minutes, and you won’t be at all frightened!  I promise!

You will simply go through some mental exercises that will ultimately change the way you feel when you see a spider.

This means that when you see a spider, you won’t find yourself running out of the house in a blind panic!

Case Study: Mary

I once had the best cleaner in the world, called Mary, who was really afraid of spiders.  She was so worried by spiders, the sight of a spider in her home would haunt her all day, even though she was away from the house, working.

One day, when Mary was cleaning my home, I could see that something was on her mind.  She had such a worried look, as if the electricity bill had come in, or even worse, the council tax. I asked her if anything was worrying her, and she said everything was fine, it was just that she was going to have to go home and sort out a spider she had seen earlier in her house.

She told me what had happened earlier that day.  She had taken her young son to school, and on her return, she saw a spider out of the corner of her eye.  The next thing she knew, she found herself down at the bottom of the garden. She hadn’t remembered getting there, she had been in a blind panic.

Usually when this happened, she asked a neighbour to go into the house and get rid of the spider. which they normally did.  However, they weren’t at home that morning, so the spider was still lurking in the house somewhere.

I asked Mary to do some mental exercises to help her, and she was happy to go along with them, providing there were no real spiders involved!  Mary went through the exercises that are on the Spider Phobia CD, and then she went home.  She looked a little calmer as she left, but I knew it would take a little time to wear the phobia down.

When Mary got home, she was able to open her front door, and she thought, “that was a first!”  Normally, she would have to send someone else in first!  She called in a neighbour, but they couldn’t find the spider.

Mary surprised herself when she was able to forget about the spider, but occasionally, when she remembered, she still didn’t like the thought of the spider being somewhere in the house.  The next morning, she hadn’t thought about the spider, and then suddenly – there it was!

Mary ran down the garden path, but this time, she went much more slowly, and she could remember putting down her tea and opening the door, before she set off.   She calmly went to the neighbours and asked them to help.  She was able to watch as the neighbour caught the spider and threw it over the hedge.

It was a few days before the next encounter happened.  Mary was able to watch the spider walk across the floor.  She took a few paces backwards, and watched a while longer  – and then she went next door and asked for help.

Mary knew things were changing.  The next time she saw a spider she was able to stand still, and then she took two steps towards the spider!  Wowee!!!

It wasn’t long before Mary was able to brush up the spider on to a dustpan and throw it out into the garden without any help.  She had overcome her phobia!

This type of gradual reduction is quite normal in phobias.  Just allow the phobia to gradually decline.  Accept your new way of feeling, and appreciate each small step. Don’t avoid spiders; the more you see them, the more quickly you overcome the phobia.




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