Giving up the easy way: Reduce the need for cigarettes with this 43-minute Kick-Smoking audio

Reduce your dependency on cigarettes BEFORE you give up, and then give up! When you no longer require cigarettes, you will be able to give up so easily.

For your future health: Giving up cigarettes is the most important step you can ever take to improve the prospects for your future health.  No matter how long you have been smoking, as soon as you stop completely, you are improving your risk rating for many smoking-related illnesses. After 12 years, your lungs will have swept away all the remnants of many years of smoking, so there is no time like the present for giving up smoking – and this programme will make it easy for you!

Kick-Smoking is a CD/MP3 that contains a number of mental exercises to help your mind and your body to feel good with your new smoke-free life!  Listen to the exercise regularly, perhaps once a week in the early days, to reinforce your resolve.

The Resolution Magic Programme can offer you much more support, and deals with all issues about ‘you’ – not just smoking.  You may find that past events are affecting you, or you may have unwanted feelings, such as a lack of confidence, anxiety, or perhaps you are an incessant worrier!  If you feel that this will help you with giving up smoking then contact me to begin a few weekly sessions.

However, if you may feel that you would like just a little help, the CD/MP3 may be just what you need. You can download it right away onto your Ipod, or request a CD to be posted to you in the next few days.

‘Kick-Smoking’ gradually helps you to become independent of cigarettes.

When you are just ‘not bothered’ about smoking, you will kick smoking so much more easily!


MP3: Kick Smoking £8.99 

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