Case Sudy – Verruca: Fiona

disclaimer: results may vary

Sometimes, by improving your general health, your immune system will begin to address a verruca, and it will simply disappear.  You could also try using the Resolution Programme for symptoms, aimed directly at the verruca.

There is a specific CD/MP3 download for verrucae available from the Resolution Magic website. The technique seems to wake-up the immune system.

Fiona had enough to contend with as her system had gone into a long-term M.E. state.  Fiona had tried every possible treatment for her 10-year-old verrucae, but the verrucae always came back with a vengeance.  Multiplying ten-fold, a massive verrucae complex was causing severe pain on walking, and all Fiona could do was to have it shaved down to a comfortable level.

Having done the exercise, Fiona looked every day to see if anything was happening, but the verrucae remained as big and as stubborn as ever.  Three weeks went by, and it was still just the same. And then, within a couple of days, it completely disappeared.

It had taken Fiona’s immune system three weeks to build up the immunity, and just a few hours to dismantle the verrucae.  The immunity will now probably last for the rest of her life.