Case Study – Swollen Ankles: Helen

disclaimer: results may vary

It is amazing how many different problems Resolution Magic can help.  Sometimes, even though it seems very unlikely to work, it is worth trying Resolution Magic techniques for unusual symptoms.

Helen had successfully used the programme to make her IBS disappear.  She had also used it for lifting her spirits. There had been times when she had been prescribed anti-depressants because she had felt so low.  The IBS had been a major contributory cause, but once this had disappeared, Helen realised that there was also an ‘independent’ feeling of despair, which responded to the programme once she began to target it.

One day, Helen mentioned that she had swollen ankles most of the time.  The very shape of her ankles seemed, at best, to be ‘thick’ and had been so as long as she could remember, even though Helen’s mother said that they had looked perfectly normal when Helen was a child.

Every morning, Helen’s ankles were fine, but the shape of them still seemed a little ‘thick’.  Every day, even if she simply sat all day at her desk, her ankles would be swollen by the evening.  If she went on a long walk, they would be much worse by the end of the day.

The first time she noticed that her ankles seemed ‘bigger’ than everyone else was when she was at school, as a teenager.  In the summer, the problem was much worse.  It meant that she constantly tried to stay cool, and rest her legs to try to keep the swelling down.

It was a complete mystery what was causing this. No one else in her family, certainly not her sisters or her mother, had suffered from swollen ankles.

I had to think long and hard about how she could tackle this one with Resolution Magic.  Perhaps I would need a magic wand after all!  The water-content of the body is controlled by a number of areas in the body.  The hypothalamus in the brain has a role to play, as does the kidneys, and possibly the tissues of the ankles themselves.

Helen targeted all three areas, for one minute, a couple of times every day.  Helen had been so successful with her other projects, she was determined to give it a good try.  After a few weeks of this schedule without any change, Helen had stopped looking at her ankles every day.

And then one day, she went swimming after work with one of her closest friends who she had known since school days.  Helen’s ankles were usually very swollen at the end of a normal working day.

As they began to unpack their bathing costumes, Helen’s friend casually asked Helen,

‘Haven’t you been to work today?’ expecting her to tell her why she had been at home.

Helen said that she had been at work all day.  Her friend replied in surprise,

‘Look at your ankles!  I can see the bones!’

The two girls gazed in amazement at Helen’s long-lost ankle bones!