Case Study – Computer block: Sue

disclaimer: results may vary

You may have heard of ‘writer’s block’ where authors struggle to overcome an invisible ‘block’ on their creative writing, but this feeling can be present in other areas of life.  You might feel you simply can’t get on with the ironing, or you can’t begin to tidy your house.  Sue found it happened when she tried to get on with her computer-work.

Here is her story:-

Sue really enjoyed her part-time job as an administrator with a large company, which involved computer-work.  She had a loving husband, Simon, and a two-year old boy, called Stephen.  Sue worked from home, two days each week.

The only problem was, Sue found it really difficult to get started with her work.  When Sue’s husband took their little boy to the child-minder each morning, Sue should have been able to concentrate on her job.  However, there was always something she would rather do.

There were always a few jobs around the house; always a snack beckoning from the refrigerator; always something to tidy away in her study.  There seemed to be an invisible barrier to starting work.  Once Sue got started, she could work all day.  It was just the first steps that seemed to be such a problem.  There seemed to be something about the screen of the computer that was almost ‘repelling’ her.  Her work would mount up, and then an all-night vigil would begin as she desperately tried to catch up.

Sue began to use the Resolution Programme for Feelings.  After only three days of using a simple routine before she started work, Sue had changed.  She began to sit down at her desk and begin working without hesitation.  From that time onwards, she didn’t notice the moment she began to work, it was just so natural to sit down and begin at the start of every day.

When you feel overwhelmed, or ‘blocked’ when you try to do something, simply work directly on that moment, using the Resolution Programme for Feelings.  You won’t have to analyze it, you don’t have to understand it; you can just change it!

Don’t analyze the feeling – just change it!